📆 Subscribe to an iCalendar
You can now subscribe to external calendar apps that support the iCalendar format!
See our knowledge base article for more details.
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🖼 In-frame Embedding of Booking Page
We've added a new in-frame embedding option!
To use:
Go to your booking page --> Click on "Share" --> Click on "Add to website"
It also features seamless height adjustment, so you won't be seeing those annoying nested scroll bars.
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We'll be adding more documentation in the next few weeks -- so please reach out if you have any questions.
🦄 Improved Availability Settings
We've made it easier to apply your availability settings across event types and hosts.
team admins
, we've also made it easier to set team member availability:
Office 365 / Outlook: No longer block off events marked as "Free"
We now recognize events with the status marked as "Free". They will no longer block off times in your CozyCal availability calendar.
In Outlook, new events have their status set as "Busy", except for All day events.
Here's how to change your event's status in Outlook:
Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 9
Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 9
Test Mode With Stripe Payments
Stripe test mode payments are now available so you can test your payment flow without charging your card.
To use it, click on "Checkout in Test Mode" when you're logged in as a team admin.
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📦 Package Booking Has Arrived!
We're excited to deliver a new feature - package booking is here! ✌️
Now you can:
1) Sell packages on your booking page, allowing guests to pre-pay for multiple appointments:
2) Set the package's parameters including pricing, redeem-ability for number of events, total amount, and event types
3) Track packages purchased by clients and their booking history
Check out this
detailed guide
for instructions to set it up.
We've put in a lot of work and thoughts behind the package booking feature and can't wait for your to try it out! Let us know if you have any feedback or questions. 😊
Export Contacts as CSV
We've launched CSV export for your contacts!
To use it:
  1. Go to your contacts page
  2. Click on the "Export to CSV" button
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🚀 Loading speed improvements
Tired of waiting for your CozyCal widget to load?
Good news! We've just released some speed improvements:
  • Faster CozyCal button load speed
  • Overall speed improvements for international customers
🔗 Redirects after booking
You can now redirect your guest to another website after they book an event! Here's how:
First, go to the "Redirect URLs" page
Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 12
Then, add your URL. You can also add variables like guest name, email, etc. and set it up to automatically return to CozyCal after your page has loaded.
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🏫 Resource Booking has launched!
We're excited to announce that resource booking has launched!
Previously, since each CozyCal account is linked to one calendar, to add multiple resources (e.g., rooms, buildings) would require the host to create separate accounts for each resource.
But now you can add and manage multiple resources
all on one calendar.
To set up resource booking, go to
> click on the button
Create Resource
to add resources.
Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 9
If you have multiple team members, a resource can be assigned to a specific team member.
Once resources are added to the resources list, you can create the resources as event types on the booking page, and edit their availability, intake form and email notifications.
If you want to charge for resource booking, connect your account with Stripe and then add pricing to listed resources.
Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 9
For a detailed guide on setting up resource booking, click here to find out more.
💡 A reminder that each resource is being charged on a per seat basis. Click here to find out more details on pricing.
If you have any feedback for this new feature, email us at to let us know!
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