Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Fixed an error when manually booking a team member via the calendar that was outside of normally available times.
Cookies now use the Host prefix to add an extra layer of security (e.g. to logged in user sessions). Note: you may have to login again to resume your session.
You can now have up to three round robin groups in an event type's availability! This allows even more flexible scheduling especially when hosts and resources need to be pooled together.
To use this feature:
  • Go to your event type's Availability settings --> Add or Edit a host
  • From the "Multi-host options" dropdown, choose a round robin group (1, 2, or 3)
  • You'll need to set at least two hosts to the same group to enable it
Screenshot 2024-07-12 at 2
We've added a simple feature to use business days for booking windows. To enable it, edit your schedule, and then click on the booking window section. You will see a new option "Use business days instead of calendar days".
Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 10
Introducing our Round-Robin Priority feature, which allows you to ensure that crucial team members and resources receive top priority.
To set round robin priority, go to the event type's Availability Settings, and click on the host's availability.
Note: only admins can set priority levels.
Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 11
We are excited to announce the launch of Multi-Host Scheduling, a new feature that allows multiple hosts and resources to pool their availability for seamless booking. With this feature, you can sync schedules across team members and resources, ensuring no overlaps or double bookings.
Additionally, you can delegate hosts and resources as either reserved or round-robin, optimizing your scheduling process.
To get started, add your team members and resources (such as conference rooms) along with their availability on the booking page. Select the hosts and resources involved, and create events based on their combined availability. You can assign hosts and resources as reserved or set them to rotate via round-robin booking, distributing the workload evenly.
CozyCal's multi-host scheduling feature
Learn more about this feature here. Multi-Host Scheduling is available for all CozyCal plans.
We've added the ability for resources to connect to Google Calendar, Office 365 and Clio.
Just go to your external calendar settings page, and select a resource from the dropdown to change its "add to calendar" and "busy time calendars" settings:
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 12
Find out more here:
  • Added verification step when changing CozyCal account email
  • Added one-click unsubscribe for onboarding emails
We've simplified the setting of event type locations. Just go to your event type's confirmation page (in edit mode), and click on "Set location".
Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 11
  • You now have the ability to set a map location, as well as a phone location, in addition to Zoom and Google meet
  • Now there is only one confirmation message that is shared between all the event type hosts
  • Template tags (E.g.
    ) are no longer used for Zoom and Google meet integration. We've migrated your existing template tags so you shouldn't need to make any updates.
See our Knowledge Base for more info on Zoom and Google meet integrations:
We've added booking page compatibility for Android 9+ devices.
Fix for non-admin team members saving their availability on an event type.
Previously it would remove all the other event types that the schedule was being applied to for that particular team member.
Fix for a guest entering an invalid email address that made it through our front-end email address validation.
Now it shows a more specific error message.
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