Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We've added booking page compatibility for Android 9+ devices.
Fix for non-admin team members saving their availability on an event type.
Previously it would remove all the other event types that the schedule was being applied to for that particular team member.
Fix for a guest entering an invalid email address that made it through our front-end email address validation.
Now it shows a more specific error message.
This feature is meant to help with debugging availability.
To use this feature, click on the filter icon, and then "Show external calendar busy times".
Note: for privacy reasons, other team member's event titles will be hidden
Screen Cast 2023-11-28 at 4
  • Show an informational modal after clicking "Checkout in test mode"
  • Improved text area auto-grow behavior
  • Add a link to cancel plan on the billing page
  • Updated our sorting library to one that is better maintained
  • Event type availability calendar will no longer show dates that have not been queried at the end of the calendar. This is to avoid confusing guests which may cause them to skip clicking the "More dates" button.
We've added the ability to block off dates within a schedule.
To do so:
  • Open your schedule
  • Click on
    Add availability
    Block off dates
Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 8
Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 8
After hearing from customers that the auto-generated schedule names were confusing, we've updated them to include the event type and host names.
We appreciate your feedback. Please keep it coming 👍
We've created Schedules to make it easier to set availability on your event types!
Please note
  • Existing availability settings will be ported over with a default name, e.g. "Schedule 123."
  • We recommend that you rename your schedules to make them easy to remember.
  • Schedules can be named for easy reuse
  • Apply schedules to
    multiple groups
    of event types and hosts
  • Apply schedules across different booking pages
  • Event type round robin availability: easy to see at a glance which hosts are available for booking
Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 10
  • More detailed error messages
  • The subscription will not be saved if there is an error on the initial fetch
See here, for more details on this feature:
Tired of having to create one event type for each duration? Now you can set multiple durations for an event type all in one place!
You can do so by setting your event type's duration:
Event Type Availability Page → Availability Settings → Scheduling Options.
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